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Introducing Our New Crafty Rewards Program

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The transition to our new website hosting platform is complete and with it comes a slew of upgrades and new features! Today I'd like to introduce our Crafty Rewards Program.

About our Rewards Program:

If you already have an account set up with us (from a past transaction, etc.), you're already enrolled in our rewards program! This free additional to your standard account is simply a way for us to give back to our customers who come back time and time again. Here's how it works:

Just by creating an account on our website, you immediately receive 500 Crafty Points. What does 500 points get me, you ask? Well, every 100 points amounts to a $1 store credit towards anything our store. You can redeem various quantities of points to receive a coupon code (which will be emailed to you). Then, just input this single-use coupon code during checkout to receive your discount! It's as easy as that!

Discount Types:

As of this writing, we set up a few simple discounts. You can redeem 500 Crafty Points for a $5 discount code, 1000 points for a $10 discount code, and 2500 points for a $25 discount code. 

We may, in the future, create a code for our most loyal customers where you can save points and redeem them for a percent discount or free shipping on your entire order, but we haven't gotten there yet.

And how do I actually earn Crafty Points?

Well, I did mention that just creating an account with us will net you a whopping 500 points, right? That's a $5 discount you can use for your first order, so go for it! After that, for every dollar you spend on our website, you'll earn an additional 5 points. That's an incredible 5% in store credit to use in the future!

If you have questions about our rewards program, definitely contact us!

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