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We've got a brand new website!

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We've got a brand new website!

For those of you who are returning customers, you probably noticed a few changes to the website the last time you logged in. Like the great new gray section at the top of the page where you can sign into your account or purchase gift certificates the easy way! Or perhaps the first thing that caught your eye was the enormous new slider on the home page that fills the entire width of your screen.

New Features:

Well, if you thought maybe you were crazy and things must have been that way all along, you're not and they weren't! We recently upgraded our web hosting to a much more open and amazing platform! This new platform allows us to include amazing new features such as Live Chat, a Rewards Program for our most loyal customers, and a hugely updated ratings system for our products to help you find the most popular items and see just what other customers are saying about them. Oh, and this blog! Finally, a blog on our website!

All of these things are totally new to us, so we certainly appreciate you bearing with us during this transition while we learn the new system and can get back to doing what we love most - making awesome products!

Thank you for being such great customers, and please feel free to offer comments and suggestions!

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