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"Peacock Mandala" - 3D Layered Wood Art - Version C

Usually ships within 5 business days.

Product Description

This art piece is made to order. This design is limited to 15 finished pieces. The art number shown in the photos is an example of what would be engraved on the back. Actual art numbers vary.

This detailed mandala, dubbed the "Peacock" Mandala by Kate, is made from 10 layers of custom plywood in 4 materials, each layer a slightly different shape than the last. The layering create a three-dimensional effect that is at the same time relaxing and mesmerizing. You'll always find a new detail to enjoy in each of my designs. This design was cut using a laser cutter, then sanded, glued together, and sprayed with several coats of lacquer for a gorgeous and durable shine.


Our process starts with AutoCAD and Illustrator, creating basic designs using precise measurements and offsets. Each layer of the design is drawn from scratch, rather than automatically generated. We then take these finished designs and cut The finished pieces consist of multiple layers, typically between 6 and 12 layers. This layering effect produces the three-dimensional art you see. What is it that makes this artwork so stunning?

Custom Materials
Having spent years working with high-quality Baltic Birch plywood, and knowing its advantages and disadvantages, we chose to have the hardwood plywoods for our art manufactured specially for us. We currently use four different species of wood in our plywood — Poplar (light), Cherry (medium-light), Mahogany (medium-dark), and Walnut (dark). The major benefit of using custom-fabricated plywood is that we are the ONLY business to use this extremely high-quality plywood material. And by combining these four colors in our artwork, we can create some truly unique pieces of art even while using the same design. The end result is fewer identical art pieces, meaning they will keep their collectible value far longer.

Each piece of art is meticulously hand-sanded, then glued and finish-sanded. We then add several coats of lacquer finish, which brings out the natural beauty of the woods. Each piece has no fewer than 6 coats of lacquer for extreme durability. We also provide custom, labeled boxes the art pieces, protecting them during shipping and storage.

Simple Wall-Mounting
During the design process, we integrate mounting points into the design, in some cases in multiple locations to allow for varied hanging directions. All you need is a nail or screw with a large head. Medium-gauge nails work best because of their strength, especially with larger pieces.


When purchasing artwork, we typically have them already made. However, because of the variety of material combinations and limited quantity of each design, we may not have the exact combination readily available. If this page lists the item as "Ready to Ship", then you can expect your artwork to ship within 2 business days. If the item is listed as "Made to Order", then you can expect it to ship within 5-7 business days, often sooner.

All of our products ship worldwide, and you can choose your shipping speed during checkout.

Please contact us if you need your item sooner or have any special requests.


Size - Approximately 12" in diameter and 1-1/4" thick.
Layers - 10 layers @ 1/8" per layer
Hanging Mechanism - Two built-in keyholes for hanging on a sturdy nail or screw in different rotations.
Art Number - "Peacock Mandala" X of 15


Due to the nature of... well, Mother Nature... no two pieces of our woods or corks will look exactly alike. Each piece will vary in color, density, grain patterns, knots, etc. The world is full of these pleasant little surprises!

Also, the colors you see on your screen, whether it is a computer monitor, tablet or smartphone screen, won't precisely match what you receive. Every screen is slightly different, along with the photography and image editing process. If you need a sample prior to making a final order, that is typically no problem at all! Just let us know.


If you have any questions, don't hesitate to contact us! And if you have something else you'd like engraved or cut, keep in mind that we do many custom orders. We can engrave virtually anything! Some additional fees may apply for custom work.

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