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Suzy Taylor Artwork

I was wandering the web one day, looking for inspiration for a new product, when I came across Suzy Taylor, a self-taught papercutting artist from Great Britain. She takes heavyweight white paper and creates gorgeous artwork with a crafty knife and her own imagination! My immediate reaction (other than "Wow.") was that her artwork would look absolutely stunning if we used our precision laser cutter to cut her designs out of wood.

So we worked with Suzy to license a number of her designs, which we recieved as high-resolution scans of her original paper cuts. From there, we tweaked and processed those images, preparing them to be cut with our laser cutter. This process gave us the final pieces you see in the photos. Each piece is laser cut, then carefully sanded to a wonderfully smooth finish and cleaned with high-pressure air. The final product is nothing short of incredible.