Individual Wood Snowflakes

We first started laser cutting wood snowflake designs back in 2011 on our very basic laser cutter. It didn't cut very well or very fast, but it certainly allowed us to play with cutting snowflakes out of both paper and wood. Our first set of snowflakes that was available for purchase included 9 relatively simple designs - and they sold like hotcakes! In 2012, we decided to start selling our snowflakes as annual collections of 8 unique designs, with 8 completely new designs each year going forward. And we plan to continue to offer 8 new designs every year.

This section of our store is devoted to the individual snowflake designs. Here you can purchase single snowflakes in any of our unique designs from across every snowflake collection we've ever made (even if we don't sell those collections anymore). You can also order these snowflakes in sizes ranging from 3 inches to 12 inches in diameter.

What size should I order?

The 3 to 5 inch snowflakes sizes are great for small to medium trees, and even work well as decorations hanging from garlands around the house. You can paint them, spray them with glue and dump glitter all over them, or even dip them in chocolate (but that's kinda weird).

If you need something a little bigger, say to hang on a wall or use as a topper for your tree, you'll want to order the 8 or 12 inch versions. The 8 inch is also great for those really big trees in your three-story living room space! The 12 inch is our only snowflake size that is actually cut from 1/4" thick Baltic Birch, rather than 1/8". So they are heavy!

NOTE: The prices listed for each snowflake here on the category page are the base prices for the 3 inch versions of each shape. Clicking on a snowflake design will take you to the product page where you may choose a different size, with prices changing accordingly.