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Snowflake Collections

Merry Christmas! Here you will find our top sellers - laser-cut snowflake collections! Each of our collections includes 8 unique snowflakes, and each year we produce a new collection of snowflakes.

We first started making wood snowflakes in 2011, but didn't actually create boxed collections until 2012, which is why our first two yearly collections were marked as 2012 Collection 1 and 2012 Collection 2. Since then, we've created a 2013 and 2014 collections. On top of this, each year (through 2014), we've also created a limited edition snowflake collection, which contains all of the snowflakes from that year, but cut from a different material, such as Bamboo or Lyptus. For our 2012 Special Edition collection, we actually cut all 16 snowflakes from different wood species, so there is a huge variety of color in that collection!

Starting in 2015, after a ton of feedback about our annual collections, we have completely revamped our entire line of boxed collections. Our 2012 through 2014 collections are on clearance until they are sold out, and once they are gone, they will no longer be available. Instead, we are offering themed collections of snowflakes, such as our "Fireside Collection" and the "Whimsical Collection". Each of these new collections still contains 8 snowflakes from across the previous collections. These themed boxed sets will be available starting August 1st, 2015, but you can take a look at them below and pre-order yours now!

Sub Categories of Snowflake Collections