Wood Snowflake Collections

Merry Christmas! Here you will find our top sellers - laser-cut snowflake collections! Each of our collections includes 8 unique snowflakes. We are no longer actively producing new designs for snowflakes, so across our 5 collections, we have a total of 40 unique shapes. We may produce new shapes in the years to come.

We first started making wood snowflakes in 2011. Between 2012 and 2014, we also created limited edition snowflake collections, which included the same snowflakes as the standard collections, but cut from amazing woods, such as Bamboo or Lyptus.

Starting in 2015, after a ton of feedback about our annual collections, we completely revamped our entire line of boxed collections. Our annual collections (with dates) are no longer available. Instead, we are offering themed collections of snowflakes, such as our "Fireside Collection" and the "Whimsical Collection". Each of these new collections still contains 8 snowflakes from across the previous collections.