GLACIAL | Set of 8 Themed Wood Snowflake Ornaments

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Starting in 2015, we've redesigned our snowflake collections! Each collection of 8 snowflakes is now based on a theme. This "Glacial Collection" is a group of our snowflakes with the most frosty appearance!


cold-snap-snowflakes-3-thumb-1.jpg crisp-winter-snowflakes-3-thumb-1.jpg icy-blast-snowflakes-3-thumb-1.jpg icy-geometry-snowflakes-4-thumb-1.jpg round-flake-snowflakes-4-thumb-1.jpg snow-crystals-snowflakes-4-thumb-1.jpg snow-flurries-snowflakes-4-thumb-1.jpg star-flare-snowflakes-4-thumb-1.jpg

The holidays are here (or just around the corner) and these collections of wooden snowflake cutouts are the perfect addition to your Christmas decor! These are not cheap stamped wood cutouts! They are precision laser cut from 1/8" Baltic Birch plywood, then sanded to a buttery smooth finish on both sides. The design of each snowflake includes a small hole (or natural location in the design) for a thin ribbon, string or hook for hanging on your Christmas tree or other decor (a garland, perhaps?).

Each of our themed collections includes 8 unique snowflake designs, packaged in a cotton-filled brown kraft gift box. Each snowflake in the collection is 3 inches in diameter. Hooks, strings, etc. are not included with the collection.