2012 Special Edition Exotic Wood | Set of 16 Wood Snowflake Ornaments

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Introducing our first-ever Limited Edition snowflakes collection for the 2012 holiday season! We have chosen 16 of our signature snowflake designs and cut them from 16 different 1/8" thick exotic and hardwoods. This one-of-a-kind collection will make a wonderful (and colorful!) addition to your Christmas tree or decor! Just add some hanging wire or string and you are ready to go!

Each snowflake is laser-cut from a different wood, then hand sanded to a buttery smooth finish on both sides. We then apply a layer of non-toxic and food-safe oil to enhance the wood's natural beauty and add a slight sheen!

These snowflakes are 3 inches in diameter. Each snowflake has a small hole cut into it (or a natural location in the design) for a thin ribbon or hook for hanging on your Christmas tree!

Please note that these snowflakes are delicate! Many of these shapes can be brittle (a combination of the design and the single layer of wood, as opposed to our standard plywood), so we recommend that you be careful with them! Treat them like glass ornaments (don't drop them or throw them at each other!) and you should be fine.

In the past we had some issues with some snowflakes arriving broken because of rough handling during shipping. We have since changed our packaging and have had significantly better results, but we will still replace any snowflakes that arrive damaged.

Each set comes packaged in its cotton-filled Kraft paper gift box measuring 3-1/2" (~8,9cm) square and 2 (~5cm) tall. This box has a custom glossy label attached so you'll never forget what's in the box! Not only does it help protect your snowflakes during shipping, but it creates a wonderful storage location for after the holidays are over!


As we mentioned above, each set includes 16 different woods, one for each snowflake included. These woods include:

— Alder
— Bloodwood
— Canarywood
— Cherry
— Mahogany
— Maple
— Nogal (Peruvian Walnut)
— Red Oak
— White Oak
— Padauk
— Poplar
— Purpleheart
— Red Gum
— Walnut
— Yellowheart
— Zebrawood


— Christmas Trees
— An Icy Blast
— Geometric
— The Complex Flower
— The Star
— A Delicate Flower
— Icy Geometry
— Flower Petals
— Snow Flower
— Christmas Morning
— Queen of Spades
— Snow Crystals
— Snow Flurries
— Snow Swords
— Round Flake
— Spaceship

Each set comes packaged in a cotton-filled gift box to protect your snowflakes!