2013 Special Edition Lyptus | Set of 8 Wood Snowflake Ornaments

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This was our second special edition set of snowflakes! In the past we had produced a limited quantity of our 2012 designs on a variety of exotic woods. For this collection, we decided to go a different route. Instead of 16 different woods (one for each design), for 2013 we only have 8 new designs, and opted for a sustainable alternative to imported exotic woods.

This special edition of our 2013 collection of snowflakes are each cut from thicker, 3/16" (~4,5mm) Lyptus, a sustainably grown and harvested eucalyptus wood. It is lightweight and fairly strong, with beautiful grain patterns that take a finish extremely well.

Each snowflake is cut using our laser cutter and measures 3-1/4" (~8,2cm) in diameter. They are larger than our standard snowflakes, and much thicker. They are each hand sanded to a beautifully smooth finish on both sides, after which we apply layers of clear lacquer, which creates a gorgeous luster finish. Each design has a small hole cut or a natural location in the design for adding a string or ribbon for hanging on your Christmas tree!

Each set comes packaged in a beautiful, cotton-filled, brown Kraft gift box. The box measures approximately 3-1/2" (~9,5cm) square and 2" (~5cm) tall. A water-resistant vinyl label is affixed to the lid of the box so you will always know what is inside! Each box is then wrapped in colored raffia (paper ribbon). Not only does the box add an additional layer of protection for your snowflakes during shipping, but it creates a wonderful storage location for after the holidays are over!


— Floral Bouquet
— Flaming Star
— Glowing Star
— Icy Spike
— Pine Flower
— Snow Bow
— Phoenix
— Water Wheel

Each set comes packaged in a cotton-filled gift box to protect your snowflakes!