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"Mr. and Mrs." Solid Wood Guest Book Puzzle - Personalized Guest Book Alternative


Product Description

One of our signature items at The Crafty Smiths, this is our Original Mr and Mrs Guestbook Puzzle, a unique puzzle laser-cut from 1/4" thick Baltic Birch plywood and hand-sanded to a buttery smooth finish on both sides. Let your guests sign the pieces, then mount the whole thing in a frame on the wall and enjoy it for many years to come!

Have a question? Keep reading or visit our frequently asked questions section below.


— Any information you think is important!


Each puzzle will vary in size depending on how many pieces you'd like your puzzle to be. Fewer pieces means a smaller puzzle, while more pieces equates to a larger puzzle! Here are some approximate sizes for this puzzle design:

10 Pieces → 11" x 7"
25 Pieces → 14" x 9"
50 Pieces → 18" x 12"
75 Pieces → 23" x 15"
100 Pieces → 27" x 18"
150 Pieces → 36" x 24"


Your wedding day will be one of the most memorable days of your life. But it can also get very expensive! And after spending tens of thousands of dollars entertaining your friends and family - and those people you don't really know, but as long as they brought gifts, who cares?! - what do you have to show for it? Probably a host of pictures, along with great memories and a bunch of gifts. Oh, and that marriage certificate... Golly, that's an expensive piece of paper!

You get married precious few times in your life (only once if you are lucky enough to find that special someone the first time). How about doing something different with your guest book? What about something you can put together every year on your anniversary to remember all the wonderful people that attended your perfect day!

That's what we are offering here. A unique, customized and personalized puzzle laser-cut from 1/4" thick Baltic Birch Plywood and hand-sanded to a buttery smooth finish on both sides. While most laser-cut puzzles are mass-produced from a single template and repeated over and over, we are going the extra step to ensure that your design will NEVER be repeated. Each of our puzzles (every single one of them) is completely redrawn for each customer. The only part that stays the same is the overall shape of the puzzle. No two customers will receive the same layout of puzzle pieces!


Production Time
Instead of a month or more, a completely custom puzzle usually only takes a week (unless we have a ton of orders to fill). No need to spend extra money rushing an order for a wedding date that's coming up too fast!

Each of our custom laser-cut puzzles is completely designed from scratch, meaning no one will have a puzzle exactly like yours. We keep your unique design on file - indefinitely! - so that if you ever lose a piece to your puzzle, or damage it in some way, we can make a perfect replacement piece for a nominal fee.

Our puzzles are completely customizable, and you will be able to see exactly what your puzzle will look like before we cut it out. If you'd like to make changes or additions, you can do exactly that! (Some designs, such as the Mr. & Mrs. puzzles, aren't usually personalized unless you specifically ask).


When purchasing our wood guest book puzzles, please include any relevant information, such as your names and wedding date, if applicable) in the Notes section of your order. WIthout this information, your puzzle could be delayed, and we don't want that!

Within 3 business days, you will receive a digital image of your unique and customized puzzle's design. We can make any changes you'd like to create the perfect guest book for you!

Once you've approved the final design, we will cut, sand, and package your puzzle. Then it will be on its way to you!

All of our products ship worldwide, and you can choose your shipping speed during checkout.

Please contact us if you need your item sooner or have any special requests.


How many pieces will I need for my wedding?
Most couples have a pretty good idea of the number of guests they plan to have at their wedding. Let's say you plan to have 100 guests attending. You certainly won't need more than 100 pieces unless you expect guests to sign multiple pieces (seems unlikely). You probably don't even need the full 100 pieces for your puzzle since many of the attendees are couples who will sign together. Some guests will actually skip the guest book entirely! Typically, you will want to have enough space for 75% of your guests to sign. So, if you plan to have 100 guests, we recommend a 75-piece puzzle! It not only saves you some money, it also means less blank pieces!

Does the frame come with the puzzle?
No, the frame and mounting does not come with the purchase of the puzzle. However, we are currently working on a tutorial to show you how to prepare your puzzle for mounting and even how to create your own custom frame. If you don't plan to mount your puzzle and want to actually put it together and take it apart (on your anniversary perhaps?), we offer a personalized box for your puzzle!

How much can guests write on each piece?
The pieces will vary in size from large enough to write a short novel (slightly exaggerated) to small enough for a simple signature. This way, your guests can choose a puzzle piece size that suits their needs. Our standard puzzle piece sizes are about 2" x 2" or slightly smaller on average. All of our puzzles can be made more compact if you would prefer smaller pieces (and therefore a smaller overall puzzle size). This will not affect the price! Making the pieces larger than normal can sometimes add to the cost of the puzzle.

What pens work best for writing on the wood?
We prefer to use fine point Sharpie Pens (not the markers!), as they don't bleed when writing on the wood. A more expensive option is Micron Archival Pens, which come in a variety of tip sizes. We offer these pens as an option when placing your order, or you may choose to purchase them yourself at a local craft or office store.


Due to the nature of... well, Mother Nature... no two pieces of our woods or corks will look exactly alike. Each piece will vary in color, density, grain patterns, knots, etc. The world is full of these pleasant little surprises!

Also, the colors you see on your screen, whether it is a computer monitor, tablet or smartphone screen, won't precisely match what you receive. Every screen is slightly different, along with the photography and image editing process. If you need a sample prior to making a final order, that is typically no problem at all! Just let us know.


If you have any questions, don't hesitate to contact us! And if you have something else you'd like engraved or cut, keep in mind that we do many custom orders. We can engrave virtually anything! Some additional fees may apply for custom work.

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