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Are you having a winter wedding and want to do something different for your guest book? Then you've come to the right place! These laser cut wooden snowflake ornaments have had the middle cutouts removed so that your guests can write on them! Whether they just want to sign their names or write you a long note, your guests will be able to find an ornament that works for them!

These guest book ornaments are laser cut from 1/8" baltic birch plywood, then hand sanded to a buttery smooth finish on both sides. Writing on them is easy with Sharpie Pens. Don't use the markers or the ink will bleed! Sharpie Pens work best and you can get them at your local office supply store.

These snowflakes were cut using our laser-cutter and are 3 inches in diameter. Each snowflake has a small hole or natural location in the design for a string or thin ribbon for hanging on your Christmas tree or wedding tree!

This listing is for various quantities of guest book snowflakes in various shapes. We currently have 25 different shapes that have been customized for writing on. You can expect to receive a roughly equal number of each shape with your order.