PADAUK | Tier 4 Exotic Hardwood

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This is a tier 4 wood. Each of our materials belongs to a "tier", which simply helps you determine how expensive the material is. Our least expensive materials are in Tier 1, while our most expensive and exotic materials are in Tier 6.

Padauk is an amazingly bright wood, with colors generally ranging from a pinkish orange to a deep brownish red. Over time, though, Padauk's color will darken significantly to a reddish or purplish brown, and sometimes even darker to nearly black. Padauk engraves quite well, leaving high contrast burned areas that clearly visible.

Padauk is typically harvested in Central and West Africa.


Before you make a final decision on which type of wood you'd like for your project, you can purchase a sample! Samples are available in two sizes:

— A small 3 inch square cut and engraved on 1/8" thick material - These samples are unfinished, raw wood and represent the quality of wedding invitations and signage you might be ordering.
— A larger 5 inch square cut and engraved on 3/4" thick material - These samples are lacquer-finished and faithfully represent the quality of each material as it would apply to your larger project, such as our unique boxes or inlay signs.