COMBO TOKENS | TCG Counters Compatible with Lorcana

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Lorcana, like most trading card games, has a ton of modifiers being added and removed from the cards in play each turn. The best way to remember everything that's going on is to place counters and tokens on your cards to remind you! This is the best place to get those tokens, and here you will find a little bit of everything you need.

Our tokens are engraved on 1/8" thick solid hardwoods and finished with multiple coats of lacquer for a gorgeous and durable shine. Keywords are on Maple, damage counters are on Padauk, strength modifiers are on Cherry, and lore counters and ink drying tokens are engraved on Purpleheart.

Our basic set is great for a player just starting out, or for playing on your own, while the ultimate set contains everything you will need as you learn the game and you'll probably have enough to share with another player. And when you want to take your set even further, check out our Apprentice's Lore Tracker Vault and Illumineer's Lore Tracker Vault!


— The Apprentice's Token Set contains 33 counters/tokens including: (9) Keyword Tokens, including 1 each of: Can't Ready, Can't Challenge, Can't Quest, Ward, Evasive, Resist +1, Resist +2, Challenger +1, and Challenger +2, (8) Strength Modifier Tokens, (3) Lore Modifier Tokens, (8) -1 Damage Counters, (3) -3 Damage Counters, (2) Ink Drying Tokens

— The Illumineer's Token Set contains 89 counters/tokens including: (36) Keyword Tokens, including: Can't Ready x2, Can't Challenge x2, Can't Quest x2, Ward x4, Rush x2, Bodyguard x2, Evasive x4, Reckless x2, Support x2, Singer x2, Resist +1 x3, Resist +2 x2, Resist +3 x1, Challenger +1 x2, Challenger +2 x2, Challenger +3 x1, and Challenger +4 x1, (12) Strength Modifier Tokens, (8) Lore Modifier Tokens, (12) -1 Damage Counters, (8) -2 Damage Counters, (5) -3 Damage Counters, (2) -5 Damage Counters, (6) Ink Drying Tokens