APPRENTICE'S TRACKER VAULT - Cherry | The perfect starter set for your Lorcana collection

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Milled from solid hardwoods, our new Apprentice's Lore Tracker Vault is the best starting accessory for your Lorcana collection. It easily holds our Apprentice's Token Set of counters and tokens inside, safely holding them with magnetic latches. But what makes it more than just a storage box is the lore tracker built right into the lid of the case. Your ink quill magnetically moves from 0 to 20 lore points and if you're looking for something even more unique, check out our Illumineer's Tracker Vault to follow the storyline of your favorite Disney movies while tracking your lore!

Each Apprentice Tracker Vault measures 5 inches in length, 4-1/2 inches wide, and a thickness of nearly 1-1/4 inches. Each bears the signature of it's creator and is perfectly CNC-milled with velvet-lined rounded bowls on the inside and high-strength magnets to keep your vault closed - even if you drop it! The lid of the vault comes engraved with custom artwork featuring a fairy-tale castle erupting from magical ink swirls. Other lid artwork will be available in the future.


— Cherry Lore Tracker Vault w/ Padauk Ink and Quill Tracker
Apprentice's Token Set Package of 30+ Counters and Tokens (if selected in the dropdown menu)

We are not affiliated, licensed, or endorsed by Disney or Ravensburger. We simply love to make cool tokens and counters that are compatible with Lorcana! All artwork is our own and is simply reminiscent of Disney movies without infringing their copyrights.